Repainting the Hull

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When Wye Invader Two was lifted out the water a few weeks ago, the hull was pressure-washed to remove the mud and river life in general that had accumulated. What soon became clear was, for whatever reason, the bitumen that had been applied 2 years ago and the touch-up that had been applied in May 2018, had not bonded properly to the lower part of the hull, the part that was below the waterline.

Winter Maintenance 2018/9

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29th October - Wye Invader Two passes through the Sharpness Dock Bridge to join the queue waiting for lift out on to the hard standing.
14th November - she’s lifted out on to hard standing.

List of Jobs for Winter period 2018/19:

Looking Back....and Forward.

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Remembrance Sunday, has special significance for me for 2 reasons, not only to remember the family, friends and colleagues who’ve fallen in service to their Country but this year Remembrance Sunday is 29 years since I sailed Wye Invader into the history of the River Wye as the largest vessel ever to navigate the River Wye as far upstream as Hereford.

Into the Washing Machine!

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or that's how it seemed at the time!

On a Sunday evening in early October I was considering a trip to Portishead with Wye Invader Two, I watched the 10pm BBC Weather for the coming week, a small high pressure was forecast for Wednesday the 3rd, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October, an online check gave me the wind speed at a gentle breeze of 5 to 10 Knots, Andy who helps out as crew and looks after any filming was not available at a short notice so a trip out on Wye Invader Two was down to me alone.
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