2017 with Wye Invader Two

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Following a successful 2016 with Wye Invader Two when she travelled around 1000 miles with no mechanical breakdowns, it was time to lift her out onto hardstanding for winter maintenance and the first job was to power wash the hull.

This is the third time we've painted the hull and a friend had emailed me an information sheet on a product called KEELBLACK that seems to do what it say's on the container and is cost effective. If you are to have a new boat then I could see how you might be persuaded to use a 2 pack paint system to protect your pride and joy as cost is probably not an issue, but for older boats, out comes the bitumen and a roller or paint brush. KEELBLACK is a water based bitumen that can be applied to a damp surface and it's getting very good reviews on narrowboat and dutch barge forums so we decided to contact the supplier. At £139 for 20 litres it seemed a good deal for the protection it offered so we bought 2 x 5 litres. Full instructions are printed on the container, the container must not be frost damaged, has a shelf life of 6 months, have a vigorous shake before use and the ambient temperature must be above freezing on application.

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At the time of writing this (January 13th 2017) the KEELBLACK website is down temporarily but the suppliers can be contacted either by phone 0333 405 4045 (they answer the phone more or less 24/7 )or via email at info@keelblack.com