2016 with Wye Invader Two

Wye Invader 2 ready for lift
Wye Invader 2 berthed

If you've been following the Blog you'll have seen what Wye Invader Two has been up to over the Winter but, it's not until you sit down to list what's been done that you realise just how much work has been done! She was lifted out to a hard standing on 30th October 2015, nearly every weekend since then has seen either some maintenance or servicing.

Work started with a pressure wash off for the hull, port & starboard sides and the base plate then repainted with black bitumen. The roof was sanded down and repainted with grey Anti-slip.

The gas bottles were removed from their locker which was then cleaned and repainted.

The Weed Hatch was opened, the inside ground clean and repainted with anti-rust and Bitumen, the cover was refitted with a new seal.

Weed Hatch
Fitting weed hatch cover

The engine, gearbox and drive plate were removed, the engine compartment was cleaned and repainted, a new battery box was welded in place and the batteries checked for condition and fluid level. A new gearbox and drive plate was fitted to the engine. The engine oil, filter and fuel filter were changed, the engine and gearbox assembly was refitted in place, the fuel filter was filled with injector and fuel system cleaner, the fuel system was bled and the engine started to check for any problems.

The water tank cover was removed and the inside of the tank was cleaned and de-rusted then painted with anti-rust and re-painted, the cover was re-fitted and the tank refilled, the hatch cover and foredeck was re-painted.

The forward cabin was re-varnished and stainless steel 'splash backs' were fitted to the side and rear of the cooker area.

Water tank ready to clean
Water tank repainted
Clean water from tap
New varnish

On the 9th May 2016, Wye Invader Two was lifted back into the water. The forward domestic water tank was re-filled, the engine was run up to temperature and the gears were checked in/out, everything was found to be in good order and working. Later the same day we took Wye Invader Two on a round trip journey of about 15 miles to Saul Junction and back.

Since buying Wye Invader Two we've always had a minor problem with overheating, a possible solution to this has been put in place and is currently being tested, more information to follow.

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