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Over the next 5 months the work completed included:

The hull, port, starboard, base plate - Grind off all the old black bitumen down to the steel.
Repaint with 3 coats of Black Bitumen.
The bow - Grind off all old paint, repaint with 2 coats mid grey, primer top coat.
The stern - sand, repair, repaint dark blue.
Propeller, check the gearbox and engine numbers against those on the propeller. The old propeller was
under size so a new propeller was fitted.
Rudder - Replace support bush cup located on the skeg
Engine coolant temperature gauge fitted
Engine thermostat replaced
Engine oil and filters changed, gearbox oil changed, fanbelt changed and a spare put in engine
compartment along with necessary spanners.
2 water pumps replaced for the domestic supply - 1 in use, 1 spare.
3 window frames revarnished dark oak, 1 starboard front panel revarnished light oak.
At the end of week 2 in April 2015 the boat was put back into water.
Forward domestic water tank refilled, engine run up to check temperature in-gear and out.
30th April 2015 - Narrowboat leaves docks,
1st May 2015 - We set off up the canal to Gloucester then to Upton on Severn via the River Severn. The journey took 4 hours to Gloucester then a further 6 hours to Upton on Severn.

The next day the engine failed to start, the battery was flat. Having moored in Upton Marina for the night we had shore facilities so we set about re-charging the battery. 2 hours later using jump leads and the leisure batteries the engine started and the boat returned without incident to Sharpness and moored up alongside the Dry Dock.

To save any further problems we stripped out the Starter Motor, Alternator and the Split charging system. A week later the Starter had been cleaned, re-assembled and tested, the Alternator was checked for performance. The Split charging relay was checked for delivering the correct volts to main starting battery and the Leisure Batteries, it was found to be defective and replaced. A new 690amp battery replaced the old starting battery. The following weekend, we were on the River Severn for another test run heading towards Upton on Severn, then back to Sharpness.

By now it is June and I’m away until the 12th July for about 6 weeks, so I arrange for the boat to moored in Sharpness Marina. The 6 weeks soon pass and I’m now back in the UK, we have about 3 weeks before we go down the Severn to film on the Lower Wye, there are only 2 outstanding maintenance items on the boat, the Stop on the Engine doesn’t always work and the back of the engine mountings need to replaced. The parts arrive a week later and are soon fitted, we go up to Gloucester for a test run then back to Sharpness.

Tuesday evening 4th Aug, a final check of all boat equipment and we book the Swing bridge for 10.30am Wednesday 5th August 2015.