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Dutch Marine Engineers report on the Zilbermeew before her journey across the Channel.

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An item on Wye Invader appeared recently on a Facebook page that attracted a lot of interest on this website with over 270 hits in one day. Following an additional post by the WebAdmin asking for photos, the picture above was sent in. Taken by Mike Simmons (http://musicfromthemountains.com) at Fownhope on 29th November 2012.

Wye Invader on  River wye
27th March 1989 - Just upstream from Redbrook, you can just make out the salt line from her trip across the Channel after the ballast was removed, the two crew on the bow also give some scale to the size of the Wye Invader.
Wye Invader moored at Hereford
Wye Invader moored just upstream of the New Bridge Hereford, adjacent to the South Bank and opposite Hereford Rowing Club. Taken in March 1990 following a trip further upstream towards Hay-on-Wye. Wye Invader only made it as far as Monnington Falls before having to return due to lack of water. The original negative has been lost so this photo was taken from a large framed print that hung in the bar of The Saracens Head, Hereford for around 14 years, when the pub closed I asked Des, the Landlord if I could have the print, the pub has since re-opened.
Wye Invader in The Parting
Not something you see every day! The 38m Wye Invader photographed in July 2013 in “The Parting” travelling North to Worcester from Gloucester. A rope had become entangled round the prop and she pulled into the side to have it removed, a Narrowboat travelling in the same direction came round a bend and the owners took this photograph which they kindly sent on to us. On her return, Wye Invader navigated “The Parting” backwards to keep her speed down! If anyone has any photos of Wye Invader on her trip to Worcester or return to Sharpness in July 2013 we’d love to have a copy - Please contact the Webmaster.
Wye Invader at Tewksbury lock
Wye Invader at Tewksbury lock
On our return trip from Worcester in July 2013, about half between Worcester and Gloucester just below Tewkesbury, is Upper Load Lock. These photos were taken by a person called Les, he was on a narrow boat in the same Lock en-route to Gloucester, what I didn't know was that he had the 2 photos until a year or so later when I stopped in the Marina at Saul Junction where he used to work, we got talking about boats when the subject of the Wye Invader came up and the pictures he'd taken 12 months earlier, which he recently emailed to me for the Wye Invader website. Photos © Les Willey
It's amazing that since Wye Invader returned to Sharpness in 2012/13, photos taken then are still appearing! On a recent trip to Garth Cottage B&B at Symonds Yat to deliver a Wye Invader Two Christmas card we were shown some photos we'd not seen before.
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