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Bit of a clean out!

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Thursday 27 May. Left Hereford at 12.00 for Sharpness via Dymock to stop in and see our video / website guy to discuss what he required in the way of photos and notes for the booking Wye Invader Two had with Del, a fuel and systems cleaning specialist based at Saul Junction, who would be cleaning out the diesel tank and filtering the fuel the following day. We spent about 15 minutes with Dave and then on to Sharpness by about 2pm. Wye Invader Two cleared the Marina by 14.30 and arrived at Saul Junction at 17.30, the weather was pleasant on the way up the Gloucester and Sharpness canal, almost the first day of Summer.

Back on the water!

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On Monday 10th May 2021, Wye Invader Two was booked to be lifted from the Saw Mill Boat Yard, this was put on hold because the weather was to rough with wind speeds gusting between 25 and 35 miles per hour and heavy showers. We booked to try again on the Tuesday but the wind speeds were still to high however, looking at the weather forecast for Wednesday, the low pressure that was over the UK was becoming more settled and the Isobars were becoming wider, indicating a reduction in overall wind speeds, so early afternoon Wednesday was pencilled in as possible go.

So much work, too little time!

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Wednesday 14 April 14.00

Before leaving Sharpness I phoned Dave (our video & website guy) who has a heavy duty battery charger and explained the battery situation with regard to the flat batteries, he offered to try and charge the flat batteries on his equipment, so we dropped the batteries off with him and then left for Hereford. By Sunday at 9.00 am luck was on our side and all 4 batteries had been fully charged and saved.

2021 Latest

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When I put together a provisional list of jobs for the winter in October, I had hoped for about 5 months of weekends with a few odd days in between to carry out all the work required, Covid-19 and Boris put a stop to that!
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