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Back on the water!

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On Monday 10th May 2021, Wye Invader Two was booked to be lifted from the Saw Mill Boat Yard, this was put on hold because the weather was to rough with wind speeds gusting between 25 and 35 miles per hour and heavy showers. We booked to try again on the Tuesday but the wind speeds were still to high however, looking at the weather forecast for Wednesday, the low pressure that was over the UK was becoming more settled and the Isobars were becoming wider, indicating a reduction in overall wind speeds, so early afternoon Wednesday was pencilled in as possible go.
Wednesday 12th May, I Left Hereford at 1030 and arrived at Sharpness at 1145, parked the car and walked into the Saw Mill Boat Yard to find the crane already set up and the guy’s from the yard fitting lift straps to Wye Invader Two ready for the lift. Within the hour, Wye Invader Two was back on the Sharpness Canal. I started the engine and moved astern to clear the barge that was moored on the port side then when clear, I went about and for the first time this year, headed down the canal towards Gloucester for a test run. 20 minutes later, Wye Invader Two was moored up and secured in Sharpness Marina, and then it was back to Dymock to drop off various film clips and photos with the editor. At long last I thought, it was good to have the freedom of being back on the the water again!
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