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Sharpness Dock - January 1963

After calling in on a friend in Sharpness for coffee recently, the discussion turned to the weather, the friend suddenly disappeared for a few moments and returned with an old photo album, what we saw was amazing - Sharpness Dock in January 1963, the Winter of a long 3 month freeze in the UK.

The photos and album belonged to the late Mr L. C. Grey, a former Shipping Agent at Sharpness Docks and some are reproduced here, we're very grateful to Terry Parsons for allowing the photos to be scanned and used here.

It's interesting to note the Severn Railway Bridge in 2 of the photos, this was demolished in 1967 following a tragic accident in October 1960 when 2 barges collided with one of the columns, 2 spans fell into the river, the fuel oil and petroleum they were carrying caught fire and five people died in the accident -

Along with the 'Big Freeze' photos, we were also offered photos of m.v. Gaillia which caught fire in Sharpness dock in August 1969, again taken by the late Mr L. C. Grey, these are reproduced HERE