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Scratching an itch...

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Wye Invader Two has been commented on as being ‘Extreme Narrow-boaters', so when we get an idea and have an itch, we need to scratch it…
Confidential Brief - Low profile recce to 51.8463° N, 2.6463° W, to gain photo and video data of recent forest clearance and a profile of the river bed and banks, to include any works or construction in the main channel. Because of the sensitive nature of the area and the numbers of visitors increase from about 1000 hrs, the project needs to be completed by no later than 0800 hrs. Transport will be parked in the top car park and the area accessed from the West on foot along the river bank, being careful not to damage any foliage or leave footprints in muddy areas. Exfil to the East along the river bank path and make your way back to the transport.