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Hereford Fishing Rights

HEREFORD Fishing rights Petition

The case these Court papers refer to was to seek a Declaration as to whether or not Frank Barton was entitled to rely on the various Leases granted to him for the mooring of M.V Wye Invader as a floating restaurant by Hereford City Council and The County of Hereford District Council and Eign Enterprises and Mr Desmond John Davies as Riparian landowners and whether the Church of England and the Hereford and District Anglers had proper claim to the fishing within the Liberties of the City of Hereford.

When the case went to the High Court, Chancery Division, it was given 5 days to be heard. By 11.30 on the Wednesday, the Church Commissioners had presented their case. At that point the Judge called a halt to the Proceedings and said that I had to lodge with the Court, £125,000 to cover Court costs. He then adjourned the Proceedings, part heard. 3 months later as I was unable to raise the required funds and, with the Wye Invader in Hereford, moored on site with Planning Permission secured and a substantial Business Plan, the Court case was ‘Stayed’ and could still be revived.

The situation today is the Hereford and District Angling Association still claim ownership of Fishing Rights, even though the City Council have never sold any fishing rights and the Church Commissioners claim ownership of the Fishing Rights between the Bridges despite the Council never having sold any of the Castle Fishing rights. The Petition presented by Hereford Free Anglers to Hereford City and Hereford District Council to protect the ancient free fishing rights of the people of Hereford included 600 signatures and these papers online are part of the evidence presented at Court, but not heard.