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The Beginning

In 1989 the 38 metre (124 foot) Dutch Barge "Wye Invader" sailed across the channel, round the South Coast, up the Severn Estuary then up the River Wye to Hereford. This is a record of the journey filmed by the crew on VHS video.
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Wye Invader would like to thank the following, without whose help the ‘impossible’ journey would not have been possible:

Pat (former business partner) and Brenda Hooker

The James family - Big John, Madeline, David, Little John and Sally for their continued support and the video of the journey

Harry Sandra and Richard Barton

Fiona Gurney

Bernard Jessop (Narrowboat Buccaneer)

Tony & Gerald Gardiner (Boatmen - Symonds Yat)

LAD REME from Stirling Lines Hereford - (Ballast removal)

and lastly, The Goodwin Family for our Hereford mooring for 20 years.

The Return

Video produced from photographs and amateur video footage shot by the crew, friends and supporters of the return of the Wye Invader back down the River Wye and passing over the famous Symonds Yat Rapids on her journey to Sharpness in late 2012 / early 2013 after being moored just outside Hereford for 23 years.
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