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Last trip of 2023

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The weekend of the 15th October 2023 was the last trip of 2023 for Wye Invader Two.
Taking a narrowboat onto the Tidal River Severn Estuary to Portishead is a passage not to be taken lightly, there is a full document detailing the procedures to be carried out before departing which includes draining and cleaning out the fuel tank and the addition on board of full safety equipment, life jackets, marine radio, flares, up yo date charts and be able to understand them and in most cases, a pilot is required unless, the skipper holds suitable, current qualifications. The full downloadable PDF file is here: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/files/documents/1165-safety-guidance-for-small-boat-passage-2012-0/file

These are the skippers notes for the passage for the 15th October 2023 along with some photos, including the type of large vessel you might encounter!

Wye Invader Two Navigation on River Severn to Portishead, Sunday 15th October outbound, return Monday 16th October am.

High water on Sunday - 0915 hours - Tide height 8.75 metres.

Bridge booked for 0745. ‘Lock out’ is 1 hour before high water at 0815, Tide height is 7.1metres.

Last ‘Lock in’ at Portishead is 1145 hours - Must confirm booking Saturday am by phone -
Confirmed by phone Saturday at 10am.

Return to Sharpness - Contact Bristol VTS at 0625 hours for ship movements in the Avonmouth area and
before departure from Portishead.

Lock down in Portishead 0630 hours.

First light is 0702 hours.

ETA New Severn Bridge 0710 hours

ETA Old Severn Bridge 0730 hours. Tide height 9.4 metres.

Pass onto Slime Road Sands - 0730 hours - Tide height 7.2 metres at Narlwood Rocks

Sunrise 0736 hours.

Sharpness - Tide height 2 hours
before high water at 0745 is 3.4 metres

0830 hours - Tide height is 6 metres. Can’t enter before 0830 hours, Tide height is 6 metres.

0800 hours - Tide height is 4.1 metres.

High water - Sharpness - Monday at 0944 hours - Tide height is 8.68 metres.

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