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An ongoing series of a Skippers view on navigating a 38m Dutch Barge through the bridges on the River Wye from Chepstow to Hereford

Huntsmans bridge

Huntsman’s (Huntsham) Bridge

For the past 7 days the River Wye had been about 1.5 metres above normal, this was just about enough depth of water with the air draft of the Wye Invader, to clear the underside of the bridge and have about half a metre of clear draft from the bed of the Wye.

We departed Symonds Yat at About 1430 hrs and spent about an hour trying to get under the ferry rope, in the end the rope was lowered into the river and we passed over the top of it. Half an hour later we were on the last bend on the starboard (right) side of the Wye about 300 metres below Huntsham Bridge trying to avoid the piles of rocks and concrete almost to the mid line in some places for the fishing, this we did and cleared the under side of the bridge by about 30 cm!
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