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Autumn on the Sharpness Canal

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Short run out from Sharpness to Saul Junction to top up fuel, weather outwards was a bit windy and a little on the cold side, the run back in the Autumn sunshine was spectacular with the leaves turning golden brown. Highlight of the day was the guy in Saul Junction Marina who shouted "I've seen you on the Internet" - Good to know someone actually reads this website!
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20 / 21 / 22 / 23 September with Wye Invader Two

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The first of what I think was probably an Autumn Gale, well that’s what it felt like!

The plan:

Sharpness Marina > Gloucester >Tewkesbury then return to Gloucester on Saturday, and back to Sharpness on Sunday.

Weather Outlook:

Sunshine and the occasional shower and wind gusts between 20 and 30 miles per hour in the River Severn Estuary.

Sharpness to Portishead & return with Wye Invader Two

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SATURDAY 1st to Sunday 2nd September 2018

Weather - Cloud and sunshine with light winds from the South and a moderate swell below the The Prince of Wales Bridge, an ideal time to enjoy the delights of the River Severn between Sharpness and Portishead.

Saturday’s tide height - 7.6 metres 12.05 hours, outbound
Sunday’s tide height - 7.8 metres 12.30 hours, return journey
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