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Bank Holiday Weekend 24-27 August 2018

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Friday 1230 hours. Arrived at Sharpness Marina and parked the car, we then walked down to the Wye Invader Two berth with enough food for a long weekend as we planned a visit to Stourport to see a boat a friend has spent the last 4 or 5 years building, it was as good a reason as anything for a few pints!

Tewkesbury to Gloucester on a High Spring tide of 9.8 metres at Sharpness.

11.30am - Lock down at Tewkesbury, on route to Upper Load Lock on the River Severn.

11.45am - We arrived at Upper Load Lock, the lock gates were open and we had a green traffic signal, we entered and secured Wye Invader Two on the Starboard side.

An exercise in navigation

The plan was to give a friend some navigational experience on the tidal River Severn over a 2 day period pointing out the Channel Port (Red) and Starboard (Green) markers and various Transits used to mark and assist passage in the tidal River Severn Estuary.
Day 1 > Sharpness > Chepstow > Brockweir
Day 2 > Brockweir > Chepstow > Portishead > Sharpness

Sharpness to Portishead & return

Planning for a 2 day voyage Sharpness to Portishead and return.

Weather forecast for the 2 days, 2nd & 3rd June 2018.

Saturday - Sharpness High water 1055 Hours, Depart Sharpness at 1025 Hours. Weather Fine, no rain forecast. Wind 3 to 4 from South West, 7 to 16 knots.

Sunday return, Lock out 0700 Hours, clear Lock at 0715 Hours. Weather Fine, no rain, low cloud, Wind 3 to 4 from East by North East clearing by mid morning.

Book the bridge for access to Sharpness Docks and Sea Lock for 0900 Hours, 2 hours before high water (24 hours advance notification required)
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