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Bank Holiday Weekend 24-27 August 2018

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Friday 1230 hours. Arrived at Sharpness Marina and parked the car, we then walked down to the Wye Invader Two berth with enough food for a long weekend as we planned a visit to Stourport to see a boat a friend has spent the last 4 or 5 years building, it was as good a reason as anything for a few pints!
1300 hours. We left the mooring and Sharpness with the sun shinning and a forecast of showers, as we neared Gloucester, the first heavy shower and strong winds spoil what was turning out to be pleasant afternoon. We made good time with no queues at the bridges along the Sharpness Canal and by 1600 hours, the bridge lifted to allow us and other boats to pass Llanthony Bridge, on to Gloucester Lock and then up the Parting, as we cleared the top of the Parting the rain clouds followed and about every half hour or so we got wet.

1930 hours. We moored on the River Avon for the night just outside the Lock.
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Saturday 0800 hours. Breakfast first, about 0830 hours we called in at the Avon Lock and paid the £5 fee to the Keeper for use of their mooring overnight. 0900 hours we started the engine and the days adventure begun. The 16 miles to Worcester soon passed and by 1145 hours Wye Invader Two was sat just below Diglas Lock waiting to enter along with another narrow boat, the crew were from Australia, it's a small world!

1200 hours. We left Diglas Lock, we soon passed through Worcester having taken photos of the Cathedral and the Bridge, the river seems to narrow and we have more trees close to the banks, Oaks and Ash not but no Willows.
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1300 hours. Bevere Lock is the first lock after Worcester, as we entered, the gates closed and the clouds opened and we were soaked by a rain shower, as the lock opened the sun shone, it was then onward to the 2nd lock, Holt Fleet.

1545 hours. Lincomb Lock is just below Stourport, as we passed through the Lock and then joined the River, on the left is the Weir and just a few hundred metres further upstream, on the starboard side is Stourport Marina, as Wye Invader Two entered, a sign gives you an instruction to sound your horn, this we did and then moved to the right to moor along side the Visitors mooring at 1625 - it was still raining!

1900 hours. We stopped by the Marina Club and Bar for a few beers.
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Sunday 0830 hours. We departed the Marina, the rain started to fall, the wind increased and it continued for the next few hours until we got back down river to Tewkesbury and Lock up, it finally stopped at about 1800 hours.

Monday 0800 hours. We were the first to Lock down out of Tewkesbury and by 0830 hours we were in Upper Load waiting to lock down.

1055 hours. Wye Invader Two entered Gloucester Lock, the journey down to Gloucester was a pleasure after yesterday’s rain and wind.

1257 hours. We were now more than halfway along the Sharpness Canal, having just passed through Fretherne Bridge.

1426 hours. Sharpness Marina. We moored up after 116 miles and 50 litres of diesel and about 26 hours of engine time, a long weekend and all for just a few beers!
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