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Keeping the weather out.

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Autumn has arrived with a vengeance, the rain we’ve waited for throughout the summer arrived and, as the nights draw in, it’s time to cover the stern deck area of Wye Invader Two. As a former hire boat, the deck area is larger than most narrowboats so, to keep the engine bay and batteries dry and in good order, so for the past 2 years I’ve used an 8 feet by 6 feet tarpaulin, however the wind and heavy rain destroyed it.

The plan this year, is to use heavy duty canvas with eyelets and paracord to secure to various locations on Wye Invader Two. Last Friday we drove to Sharpness and secured the new canvas. Yesterday we paid a return visit to Sharpness and Wye Invader Two, to find the cover in good order and secure and more to the point, dry on the inside deck area and bilges.
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Wye Invader Two vs the 4000 tonne German Sky!

Wye Invader Two locked out of Portishead Marina at 0700 hours on the return leg to Sharpness Docks. It was a journey that had taken us to Llandogo on the River Wye, via Chepstow and Tintern, then back down the River Wye to Tintern. On Sunday am back to Chepstow, then down the River Severn to Portishead.
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