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The Sloop Inn calls...

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It’s almost 3 months since Wye Invader Two visited Monmouth with a stopover in Llandogo and a visit to the Sloop Inn in the Village. The tides are not as high now, but the River Wye still had 3 meters of flood water showing on the gauge at Redbrook before falling to 2.5 meters on Saturday 15th June, so the bridge to the docks and lock were booked for 05.00 and we departed Sharpness at about 06.45 as the tide was almost at high water at 8.31 metres.
The course chosen was across to Lydney, then follow the channel down to about just right of the centre of the Old Severn Bridge, then follow the channel to the new Severn Bridge and on down to Avonmouth. About a mile short of Avonmouth the estuary became rough but, as we had a wind over tide situation and with the River Avon on the ebb, it was to be expected. Wye Invader Two arrived off Portishead at 10.20 and we locked up into Portishead at 10.45 to wait for the afternoon tide.

16.45 and Wye Invader Two locked out onto a much calmer River Severn, we soon passed under both Severn Bridges in just over an hour and on up the River Wye arriving at Llandogo at 19.40. By 21.00 we secured on a mooring and the crew adjourned to the Sloop Inn.
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Sunday 07.00. Wye Invader Two went about and made her way back down river on 2.5 meters of flood water, just above Brockweir we met the top of the tide and then things slowed down until we passed under the Old Severn Bridge and joined the River Severn. It was then down towards Avonmouth where we encountered rough water again and slowed to go on to Portishead, to wait over until the afternoon tide on Monday at 16.30 when the weather is forecast to calm down.

Monday 16.45. Wye Invader Two locked out of Portishead and cleared the pier, and then goes to Port as a very large car ferry was just ahead, we passed astern as she passed and on out towards the new Severn Bridge, then under the Old Bridge. As we were 3 hours ahead of high water we had to stay within the marked channel otherwise there was a possibility of going aground because of the lack of water. At 19.15 Wye Invader Two entered the lock at Sharpness, locked up on to the dock area and then, through the bridge and into the Marina, another interesting trip finished!
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