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When I put together a provisional list of jobs for the winter in October, I had hoped for about 5 months of weekends with a few odd days in between to carry out all the work required, Covid-19 and Boris put a stop to that!

The Boat Safety Certificate was booked in before Christmas but that fell through however, I managed to find a BSS Examiner through Sharpness Shipyard & Drydock Ltd, the certificate was issued on the 23/03/22, and the boat meet all minimum safety requirements. Due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions I asked Sharpness Shipyard to pressure wash and repaint the hull, this should be completed towards the end of the second week of April. That is about as far as we have got with the work on Wye Invader Two, so I think the last two weeks of April are going to be busy finishing off the important winter maintenance tasks and, maybe, just maybe we’ll manage a few trips out this year!
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