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Monmouth - No problem!

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Thursday 21st March 2019 was an epic day for Wye Invader Two, after several years of planning the conditions were just right to attempt a journey to Monmouth Rowing Club. After 5 months winter maintenance and having only just gone back into the water the night before, she set off for Portishead….
Wye Invader Two arrived in Portishead to wait for the tide to return later that day, it was then a quick trip across the River Severn turning left into the mouth of the River Wye, onto Chepstow, then to Brockweir and finally Llandogo for the night, arriving just after dusk the same day. On Thursday at 08.00am she set off for Redbrook and then Monmouth, arriving in Monmouth at 11.00am that day after battling severe flood water under Monmouth Bridge. Video footage was taken on the journey and will be available soon - Keep watching the website for details. In the meantime here's a taster from still images taken by the crew - click an image to see full-size.

The track from MotionX GPS below shows the progress of Wye Invader Two up the River Wye apart from a small section where no GPS / mobile signal could be obtained.

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