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Finishing touches

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13th & 14th March.

The area where the 3 trestles supported Wye Invader Two, had their first bitumen coat applied in February, they have now had a second and final coat. The weed hatch was also removed, sanded down and repainted with bitumen, the rubber seal was cleaned, gasket sealer applied on both sides and then the weed hatch was replaced.
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The starter motor is often forgotten, in the case of Wye Invader Two it only took 10 minutes to remove, put in a bag and have checked at an auto electricians, there was problem and it has cost just a few pounds to fix, that’s got to be better than the starter motor not working when you are in the middle of nowhere, the starter is back on the engine and checks out all working correctly.

By Thursday, most of the job list had been completed and it was time to clean the interior and refill the water tank, now it’s just a final full check before we are back in the canal.
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