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Nearly all finished!

The diesel fuel filter was been changed and the in-line water separator has also been cleaned, resembled and checked for leaks, which is fairly important as Wye Invader spends a lot of time on the Severn Estuary.

Coolant antifreeze leak - one of the hoses was replaced, the system topped up and checked and the engine run up to pressurise the system, there are no leaks at the moment after 3 days and the coolant level in the pressure tank has stayed the constant.

Finally, the engine was washed down with hot water after it had been degreased with an oil solvent.
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On Wednesday, the 3 trestles used to support Wye Invader were moved to allow the remainder of the baseplate to be cleaned of bitumen and rust and then repainted with a coat of fresh bitumen, along with the hull which had it’s final coat.

A busy 2 day’s but summer is on it’s way and we still have the 5 anodes to replace and some rust spots areas in the engine bay to sort out.