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Recent question asked.

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An interesting question was recently asked on the Wye Invader YouTube page about the trip to Monmouth, the reader asked if I thought it was "somewhat irresponsible to attempt the trip in those conditions?". I replied with the following…

"Many thanks for your comments. I appreciate your concern and would stress I did not undertake the trip lightly. I’ve spent many, many years studying the tides on both the Severn and the Wye, essential for the original trip with the 130 foot Wye Invader trip to Hereford in 1989 and again back down to Sharpness with Wye Invader in 2012/13. Wye Invader Two has an uprated engine, a new gearbox in 2018, larger propeller and extra cooling tanks, along with all safety equipment such as lifejackets, radio and flares and, just days before had been subject to 5 months out of the water for full winter maintenance including a new starter motor, new water pump, all new marine spec hoses, all new filters along with a complete back to metal hull service with new bitumen. I have a Day Skipper Tidal and RYA-MCA Coastal Skipper and YachtMaster Offshore qualifications and would not have attempted the trip to Monmouth had I thought there was any significant risk to my crew, Wye Invader Two or myself."

Just for information the qualifications I hold are:

  • Day Skipper - Tidal
  • Dutch Barge Course (2 days - Friesland) - Carmel St Quentin
  • Inland Waters Helmsman Certificate
  • Day Skipper - Sail and Power Craft
  • RYA/MCA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore
  • RYA Diesel Engine Course
  • RYA/MCA Small Craft Sea Survival Course
  • RYA /MCA Dayskipper commercial endorsement
  • RYA International Certificate (Pleasure Craft)
  • Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Competence