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Recent question asked.

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An interesting question was recently asked on the Wye Invader YouTube page about the trip to Monmouth, the reader asked if I thought it was "somewhat irresponsible to attempt the trip in those conditions?". I replied with the following…


New Mooring for 2019

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Friday 5th April. I booked the bridge 24 hours in advance as required and for 0745 hours on Saturday 6th April to gain access to the Sharpness Canal after spending the last 5 months working on Wye Invader Two, and following her trip to Monmouth a few days ago, a distance of just over 110 miles did not show or highlight any problems, so with a strong headwind and sharing the water with HERMAS, the main problem for today was clearing the exit bridge, gaining access to the Marina and then mooring up on my own while going into the mooring stern first, all good fun and by 0815 hrs it was job done. With the Lock in Gloucester out of commission, Wye Invader Two could be spending a lot more time on the River Severn downstream of Sharpness this year!

Monmouth - No problem!

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Thursday 21st March 2019 was an epic day for Wye Invader Two, after several years of planning the conditions were just right to attempt a journey to Monmouth Rowing Club. After 5 months winter maintenance and having only just gone back into the water the night before, she set off for Portishead….

Finishing touches

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13th & 14th March.

The area where the 3 trestles supported Wye Invader Two, had their first bitumen coat applied in February, they have now had a second and final coat. The weed hatch was also removed, sanded down and repainted with bitumen, the rubber seal was cleaned, gasket sealer applied on both sides and then the weed hatch was replaced.
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